Race Enro (Hyena-Snow Leopard/Egyptian?)
Gender Female
Age 5-6, physically 10-12 (Year One)
Friends & Family Pal Synched,
Kent Dendega,
Token Dendega
Wolfina Emerald,
Polosis Shnider,
Occupation Civilian
Powers/Abilities Psychic
Location Enropia, Skyblend City
Tasha is a supporting character in Cheetah Kid!.

General InformationEdit

Tasha is one of Kyra's only friends. She is some sort of psychic.


  • Tasha is probably short for Natasha.

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Villains Clyde & Helena (non-canon) | Right Eyes (non-canon) | Wolfina Emerald (formerly)
Civilians Kyra Barrels | Paloma Dendega | Mr. Dendega (presumed deceased) | Ms. Fields | Mayor Bobby

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